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Countdown til Last Year of College: 1 week.

Well, it’s that time again. School is basically here and do you think I’m ready? Nope.

I love school don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you just want to stay home with your hubby and cuddle and do absolutely nothing. Agreed? Thought so 🙂

Anyways, aside from wanting to stay home… I am very excited for the things and people that comes with college life.
New Friends
New Professors
All the new techniques and assessments ill be learning
Cafeteria food… Just kidding :-/
Finally working in the hospital!

I find it hard to believe that this will be my last year in my post secondary education. It’s kind of surreal. If you were to tell me 3-4 years ago that I was going to be in college for nursing and sitting at a 4.0 GPA, well, I would have laughed in your face and probably walked away.

Serious! I never thought I would ever make it here. Everyone knows the problem with having house bills, car payments, and visa debt. Basically, you can’t do anything but work and attempt to pay it all off before you die.

I still don’t know how my hubby and I managed to get me there. I thank him everyday (maybe not to him but I’m always thankful) for helping me have the chance to better myself through education. I hope to be the best nurse I can be and meet all types of people and fulfill my duties as a nurse 🙂

Thanks for reading
Take Care

If you have dreams never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve them. If you want them, go out and make it happen. No one will do it for you.


Life Status: Perfectly, Relaxing.

Life: well, I feel like life is great for the place that I am at. I’m going into my last year of college and I am slightly nervous about it. However, I have an extremely supportive boyfriend and he is amazing. He will help me with anything if I ever needed it. Summer is going by way to fast and I am not happy about it.

For us it started off pretty slow with nothing super exciting happening. Then, we started with the camping and going places! Just last night we went out on the lake and we were tubing behind a crazy huge boat (not the biggest but the biggest I’ve ever been on). I haven’t had that much fun is a long time lol

So I I hope everyone else’s life’s are great and if not, keep positive… Good things come to those who have faith and patience.

Take Care.


Mmm, Animal Crossing New Leaf

So, I have finally received my own copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have been waiting for this game… since it came out obviously, lol! Anyways, it is already amazing and I cannot seem to put it down.

I am still learning the ropes however and there are a lot of things I don’t know yet, and a lot of stuff I don’t know how to do.

I cannot wait to be able to upgrade my house and make it look like a fantasy room 🙂

If anyone reads this and has some quick tips or ideas for me to try out, please do not hesitate to give me a hand 🙂

Thanks and Take care.

Lazy Daaaay

Ever have one of those days where all you feel like doing is lounging around, watching movie after movie?
That was me today! I don’t even remember eating at all, that is how lazy I have felt all day!
However, I finally figured out what all the fuss is about the series “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”! Excellent set of movies. I tried to read the books a while back, but they weren’t drawing me in like usual with books. I can usually start reading or watching anything, and within minutes Ill be hooked. 
I still have the third movie to watch yet, and I cannot wait! They are amazing! I love the storying line, with all the pain, secrets, and mystery. It draws you in and makes everything seem unnecessary when you are watching them.
I most certainly recommend them to everyone who likes action with a bit of brutality. Warning: there are a handful of very graphic scenes 😦 
Take Care.

You’ve Got Mail!

So today all my new textbooks for this coming year have arrive.

Good god, I can see that I am going to have a very busy school year and a next to nil social life. This is ok though, since, we all know that I am a large nerd 🙂

Sometimes however, I feel like I have forgotten a large part of what I learned in my previous school year. Is this normal? I feel like I will be behind everyone else once school starts in September. Man, I hope not 😦

Im sure I will be good to go!

Take Care.

P.S – what the heck is with this heat (for central canadians)-_- woozers!Image

Mmmm Books.

OK, so I am an avid book reader, and I just have to say that Im obsessed with the Mercy Thompson Novels. Yes probably a set of under rated books, yet still very enticing. They are about a woman who is a shapeshifter and who shifts into a coyote (Can you imagine?). Anyways, she is also a VW mechanic and gets thrusted into a world of the unimaginable. Vampires, werewolves, Fae.. etc, etc.

Now this is a world I could take part in! If only I could make my imagination come to life -_-
 There is also a love story entwined with the action part of the books, which is a heart grab for me.  
I think this series would mostly appeal to women in the teen to the 30’s range since the characters in the book are about this age. Other than the Fae of course, who slightly out live the human race by….oh.. lets say a couple hundred years O.o!  
Im definitely not saying a man couldn’t read this series, if they enjoy the werewolfie, vampire type books, then I would say check em out for sure!
Hope I can inspire someone to read these books because I cant seem to out them down! 
Mercy Thompson Novels, By Patricia Briggs

My Second Year Is So Close!

So I am a second year nursing student, and I cannot wait for September. Yes, I miss my home dearly when I am gone and my other half, who I love to pieces. But someone has to bring home the bread, right? I unfortunately cannot do that while in school, even though I would in a heart beat.

Nursing is a pretty intense subject to be studying, which Im sure anyone who has would agree, other than you Einsteins out there 😉 I would highly recommend taking the course to anyone reading this, who is in the middle of making the hard decision as to what to do with your future.

I think this year, is going to be tough… very tough. (So I have heard :/), but one day at a time, right? Wish me luck in my Pathophysiology and my Pharmacology classes… eeek!