Anxiety. How do you cope?

I know I don’t come onto this blog very much, but I always know it’s here for when I truly need to write my feelings out. It helps me to organize my thoughts. I only wish I could make it a habit and perhaps straighten my mind and thought process into a nice well oiled  machine.

So I’ve been nursing for 2 years now, and it is the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made in my life. However, I’ve been dealing with a serious issue for the past little while and I don’t know how to overcome it, and I feel like it’s affecting my work. I’m not really sure when my anxiety decided to rear its ugly head, but it’s been hitting me so hard lately. I thought, maybe I’m working too much and just starting to get burnt out… but I feel it’s so much more than that.

Some days I wake up and my heart and mind are already racing at a mile a minute. I’ve barely moved and my body is already sweating. My mind kind of has a numb like feeling. I’m not able to concentrate on any one thing, but rather my mind tries to touch on every aspect of my life and dwells on anything that could be or is negative. I find it difficult to run a household. Don’t even got me started on finances. I know full well that money is not an issue. Myself and finance have excellent jobs; however, I feel like mine are not concrete enough. Like, I work 3 jobs.. 2 part-time and 1 casual. It stresses me out everyday that I don’t have one full-time job and that I am constantly ensuring that all my schedules work with one another and that nothing overlaps. So stressful and exhausting.

I know… keep complaining that I have three jobs, when there are people out there who are unable to obtain one job. I get that, I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. It’s just scary not knowing whether or not I’m going to have enough shifts to pay my bills come the next week. This is probably  a good time to say that even though I’m part-time at my jobs, I’m not guaranteed any shifts at all  at one of them, the most important one. So therefore, when the winter comes… things tend to slow down and it can get slow at work.

Anyways, back to the issue at hand… Anxiety.

How the heck do I deal with this? I know I could go to the doctors (which I have made an appointment for), but I truly do not want medications. I need a way to fix things without the help  of meds. Oh but you’re a nurse.. you should know how to deal with stress and anxiety. Well, no I actually don’t. If I did, I wouldn’t be here typing this out and I would probably be doing some other task that is more important, like… eating.

Help! How do I battle anxiety and panic attacks?




What are your thoughts?

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