Life seems to have been happening for me at warp speed. I’ve already been out of school for over a year and have been nursing the entire time non-stop. I love it so very much.

Currently I am working three jobs. Two of them are in a long term care setting and my newly aquire job is on a medical surgical floor in the hospital in town.

To answer your question.. yeah its a ton of work and long hours, but hey you have to make money somehow.

I miss school so so much! I just want to go back! Although I would miss working but then I also have the option to do courses part time. But how in the hell does the government expect you to pay all that money up front before getting enrolled in courses when you have to pay for life!!?!

I have no clue? Am I just bad with my money…or??

Anyways, that’s my issue at the moment other than that I just work everyday of life and somehow I just get through the exhaustion. I cannot wait for my only weekend off in I don’t even know how long!!!:D

Take care.


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