Sooo it’s the holidays, actually, my holidays are almost over now. I had a wonderful time at home and not having a worry in the world. I was so stressed at the end of the semester this year… oh my.. I couldn’t concentrate on anything at all. My brain was quite literally mush. So you can imagine the amount of NOTHING I did when I got home. Mostly just playing video games and watched Netflix 🙂

Then there was Christmas. Man was a that a busy flipping time. In my family, I have three houses to visit during the holidays. Both my parents have separate places and then my boyfriends mother’s house. So you can imagine the effort in trying to accommodate everyone for the BIG day! 

Im very much about having family together with one another and not so much about the gifts. Althougha gift here and there makes everyone smile too. 

This year I was very fortunate for the gifts I received from my family and friends.

They consisted of:

– A old school nintendo gameboy cell phone case for my iPhone 5c

– 7 pairs of 0 gauge plugs/tunnels

– new vacuum

– gift card from the eshop

– a pair of American Eagle jeggings, Billibong shirt, and an Element sweater

– special pillow for my back when I doing homework with arms 🙂

– a awesome hardcover book about christmas puppies!

and some extra money. 

Very wonderful Christmas indeed. I hope everyone’s was a wonderful holiday.


Take Care


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