Back to the Grind. Ever feel like you know nothing?

Hey all,

So I am back at full force in college for Nursing. Holy shit! I knew it was going to be hard, but wow! Im honestly thinking… how in the hell am I supposed to get from the beginning of this year to the end where I will actually be working as a nurse and writing a huge provincial test to practice as a RPN?? 

I am sure I’m not alone when I express these feelings… I hope lol. I feel like I am over reacting at times and sounding silly, but I am literally scared. I had to jump on here and writing down how i was feeling because….. I feel like im going to explode. 

If anyone comes across this post, and practice as a Nurse… Can you just send me something that will hopefully reassure me that I am not overreacting and that I am not alone in this feeling? 

You have no clue how much that will help me! 

Thanks for reading.

Take care.



What are your thoughts?

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