My Second Year Is So Close!

So I am a second year nursing student, and I cannot wait for September. Yes, I miss my home dearly when I am gone and my other half, who I love to pieces. But someone has to bring home the bread, right? I unfortunately cannot do that while in school, even though I would in a heart beat.

Nursing is a pretty intense subject to be studying, which Im sure anyone who has would agree, other than you Einsteins out there 😉 I would highly recommend taking the course to anyone reading this, who is in the middle of making the hard decision as to what to do with your future.

I think this year, is going to be tough… very tough. (So I have heard :/), but one day at a time, right? Wish me luck in my Pathophysiology and my Pharmacology classes… eeek!


What are your thoughts?

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