Mmmm Books.

OK, so I am an avid book reader, and I just have to say that Im obsessed with the Mercy Thompson Novels. Yes probably a set of under rated books, yet still very enticing. They are about a woman who is a shapeshifter and who shifts into a coyote (Can you imagine?). Anyways, she is also a VW mechanic and gets thrusted into a world of the unimaginable. Vampires, werewolves, Fae.. etc, etc.

Now this is a world I could take part in! If only I could make my imagination come to life -_-
 There is also a love story entwined with the action part of the books, which is a heart grab for me.  
I think this series would mostly appeal to women in the teen to the 30’s range since the characters in the book are about this age. Other than the Fae of course, who slightly out live the human race by….oh.. lets say a couple hundred years O.o!  
Im definitely not saying a man couldn’t read this series, if they enjoy the werewolfie, vampire type books, then I would say check em out for sure!
Hope I can inspire someone to read these books because I cant seem to out them down! 
Mercy Thompson Novels, By Patricia Briggs

What are your thoughts?

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